In a world where only the fittest survive, Axway can help. Our Managed File Transfer Survival Guide gives you a step-by-step plan for building a business case to ensure your success in managing the integrity of your data infrastructure. Download your complimentary survival guide today and learn how to:

  • Accurately assess your current file transfer solution and applications
  • Develop a transitional strategy for moving from uncontrolled file transfer to managed file transfer, including ad hoc file transfer over corporate email
  • Identify business and system requirements and prioritize areas of improvement
  • Provide the ability to better manage and predict incoming cash flows with visibility into file transfers and transactions
  • Develop best practices for implementing file transfers between systems and external partners
  • Create a business case for line of business and executive management that addresses the value of a Managed File Transfer platform for competitive advantage

Download the Axway Managed File Transfer Survival Guide Now!